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Forex AI Scalper Trading Robot

Manual traders lose money. FX AI Scalper is an advanced trading AI that can instantly help you turn into a profitable trader by using proven mathematical and statistical methods.

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Easy Setup Guide

Even if you have 0 experience with trading bots you can set up FX AI Scalper in 5 minutes with the help of our setup guide.

Safe & Secure

FX AI Scalper does not have access to your funds, investments, or capital, ensuring that your money is always stored securely in your broker's accounts.

Safe Strategy

FX AI Scalper doesn’t rely on worthless retail base strategies or unsafe gambling tactics to trade like other bots in the market. No Martingale, no Grid, no HFT.

Risk Control

Everyone has different risk appetites, so we've created loss protection settings such as Max Daily Loss and Risk per Trade limits.

Time Customization

You can customize the day and time you want the bot to only operate in.

Take Profit & Stop Loss

FX AI Scalper sets a Take Profit and Stop Loss for every trade, ensuring your profits are secured automatically.

Any Broker Compatibility

Our bot works with any broker. We recommend selecting a trusted broker, such as Oanda, IC Markets, FP Markets, and many others.

High-Quality Customer Service

Our expert support team is available to assist you every weekday from 9am to 5pm CET with any issue or question you may have.